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The Communist Corresponding Society is a Marxist discussion group. We host regular public meetings in Oxford, and we have members in a few other places too. The topics we discuss are not confined to the narrow and artificial limits of ‘politics’ as the bourgeoisie understands it: we seek to develop Marxist approaches to questions ranging from economic theory to prehistoric burial practices, from genre fiction to law, from democratic ways of organizing to the reasons why people believe in flying saucers. We draw on multiple strands of Marxist and leftist thinking, and we aren’t always in a rush to nail down definitive answers. At a time when the perspectives for socialist change seem unclear and debatable, the CCS seeks to encourage discussion, analysis, self-education, and self-clarification.

We see ourselves as part of a plural socialist movement, within which no individual person and no organization can claim to carry out all the different kinds of work that socialists and communists could usefully be engaging in. Other people and other groups are making other contributions, and we salute them for it; this is the contribution we feel able to make. Anyone who would like to join in is invited to contact us.

Public meetings in Oxford

CCS public meetings are currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the talks will be posted on our audio page on the evening of each meeting and will remain up for 24 hours. For further updates, email us to be added to our mailing list or follow us on social media.

Progressive trends in Upper Palaeolithic cave art
7:30pm, Thursday 15 October

Ever-broadening England: frontiers of the British Empire
7:30pm, Thursday 22 October

Organic consent: covid, climate change, and collective self-defence
7:30pm, Thursday 29 October

The rockets’ red glare: the bombs bursting in air
7:30pm, Thursday 5 November

Belling the cat: Marx and Engels on the practical organization of socialism
7:30pm, Thursday 12 November

Growth, degrowth, and planning
7:30pm, Thursday 19 November

Why machines don’t create value
7:30pm, Thursday 26 November

Menshevizing idealism, or why the Soviet Union didn’t build the first computers
7:30pm, Thursday 3 December

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